DJ Stephan Resch – Auckland, New Zealand

Stephan started DJ-ing in Auckland in 2008. He was the resident DJ for TangoClub Auckland for many years and regularly provided the music at Pasion por Tango studio before becoming the featured DJ at the monthly ¡Milonga Otra Vez!.

Stephan’s enthusiasm for tango music has resulted in a steadily growing tango collection, a great familiarity with the history of tango and a keen ear and eye for the musical needs of the dancers.

During his overseas travels, he has DJ-ed in some of the most highly regarded tango salons of Europe such as “Dom Kino” (Moscow), “Tangoloft” and “El Amateur” (Stuttgart) and “Roter Salon” (Berlin). He has also DJ-ed and presented most enjoyable lectures of the history of tango orchestras at tango festivals including the NZ Tango Festival, the Australian Tango Festival, BASH, the Melbourne Maracuentro and the Port Macquarie Tango Festival.