Award winning tango couple of the year 2023, Maximiliano Christiani & Ayse Gencalp for the Short Tango Film ‘Angel’, Near Nazareth Festival and Best Choreography of the Music Film Festival 2023 winners will be joining us on 11th – 14th April 2024 to Oceania Tango Congress & Championship here in Auckland, New Zealand.

This couple are both highly accomplished in the world of tango. Their performances are elegant with grace and precision. Maximiliano a World Tango Champion in Salon 2013, highly regarded teacher, tango coach competitors and director of the Championship Preliminaries in Brazil and Malaysia. Ayse is an accomplished dancer, teacher and performer that leads her to travel around the world. Her award-winning performance at the Tango Short Film Ángel’ has proven her professional capability.

They will again be sharing their expertise in the workshops and grace the floor with elegant performances.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the Champions!