DJ Frida

DJ Frida Kotlyar – Sydney, Australia

Frida is a professional music teacher living in Sydney. She has been a DJ and the DJ Coordinator for Tango Synergy since 2009, Tango Synergy President 2019-2023.

“In 1999, after years of Ballroom and Latin Dance, I discovered Argentine Tango. I found tango music to be very different and became very curious about it. The richness of tango music, different eras, diversity of tango orchestras was intoxicating and beckoning. Tango found me, so to speak, and I wanted to run into its arms, to embrace it.

“I believed that the dance developed through the music so I began to study its elusive history. I studied the history of the different Argentine tango eras. It was an amazing experience for me! I wanted to know more and more, I listened to the music and fell in love with it.

“As a DJ at Milongas or at a special tango event, I take into consideration the most suitable music to play for the dancers on that specific night. I try to select the most danceable and appropriate tandas for that evening. I also, choose my cortinas to create an atmosphere of excitement and follow the theme for the evening.
“I am a regular DJ at Tango Synergy Milongas and have been the guest DJ at various Sydney Tango events and at international Tango Festivals, including in Singapore, Bali, Manila and New Zealand.”