DJ Helen Guang – Auckland, New Zealand

Helen Guang started her tango journey from New Zealand in 2012. The passion for tango drives Helen to continue learning, travelling and dancing in many places to appreciate the beauty in the dance, tango music and the culture. Helen regularly … Read More

DJ Wendy Dear – Brisbane, Australia

Wendy lives in Brisbane, Australia. She fell in love with tango and tango music more than 12 years ago after taking her first steps in a tango class. Following numerous trips to Buenos Aires, she has become an accomplished dancer … Read More

DJ Stephan Resch – Auckland, New Zealand

Stephan discovered tango in 2006 and fell in love with the music on a trip to Argentina. As a Tango DJ, his musical selection is based on a preference for Golden Age music and the seamless creation of different moods … Read More

DJ Anthony Miller – Sydney, Australia

PLAY THE RIGHT TANGO AT THE RIGHT MOMENT. Master of Technical Sciences in robotics, artificial intelligence, and morphological forecasting models. Now Director of animation and software development. Anthony works with sound recording, post-production, and song restoration daily. Also, Anthony is … Read More

DJ Frida Kotlyar – Sydney, Australia

Frida is a professional music teacher living in Sydney. She has been a DJ and the DJ Coordinator for Tango Synergy since 2009, Tango Synergy President 2019-2023. “In 1999, after years of Ballroom and Latin Dance, I discovered Argentine Tango. … Read More

DJ Odysseus Dada – Seoul, South Korea

Odysseus Dada, one of the most sought-after International Tango DJs in the world, is an experienced DJ based in Korea and for the last 15 years he’s been invited to many international tango festivals, and marathon and championship events around … Read More